Vision of Landfall

The Vision of Landfall describes a dream by the Emperor that Princess Briila interrupted while trying to diagnose the mysterious cause of his sleep.

In this dream, scaleless Dragovians mill amongst the feet of a Giant on a sandy beach. The giant bends down and rips out trees, placing them far away in the water, where they transform into boats filled with more scaleless Dragovians that sail back to the shore. Briila appears to be walking amongst the Dragovians, and sees them putting out dragonbreath using water, which ordinarily cannot put out the magical flame.

She follows one to a boat, where he begins unpacking crates of mute Hengeyokai — cows, cats and pigs. They look at her puzzled. The giant takes a handful of animals and eats them, making eye contact with Briila. She is the next to be scooped, devoured into his mouth and wakes up.

The face of the giant is Shun He's.

Briila interpreted the dream as an omen of destruction and declares war on the humans because of it.