Paucha Paucha is the Goddess of Madness of the Oni.


Surely it was an act of madness for Agfen to open the demongate in the northeast corner of Moromah Island. And just as surely it was Paucha, the Goddess of Madness, who answered his call. The other Gods allowed Paucha to go because they believed this war could finally drive the Dragovians—and all the other races—off the island and return it to its natural state.

When Agfen was discovered and defeated by his own father, the Gods recalled Paucha home. But she refused to go. She found war much madder than anything she had ever experienced and promised herself to sow it everywhere. She offered to drive Agfen's father insane in exchange for her freedom. He agreed. Now in a fortified settlement on Krah, she bides her time with her warband of Oni. When the Vohlok march off to war against the humans, Paucha will see her chance to strike. She will push Agfen and the Bogovey to fight the Dragovian clans again.