Moromah Island

The Island of Moromah and Known
Locations Moromah Island is the largest island of the Lung archipelago, consisting of this main island and the surrounding unexplored islets. It is located far southeast of the Lotus Empire.


The island is about 30 kilometers wide and 20 kilometers tall. Its main feature is Mount Moromah, a colossal active volcano. The mountain is embedded in the Sot Mountain Range, stretching across the western peninsula all the way to the tip of the eastern. The Lungrath River runs from Mount Moromah down to Dragon Bay, through the Yokai Forest.


  • Pearl Colony, a small encampment of human settlers from Shun He's expedition, located at the river delta of the Lungrath river spilling out into Dragon Bay.
  • Atumjun, the capitol of the Vohlok state, built into Mount Moromah.
  • Lotsashun, the capitol of the Fassnu state, in the territory west of the Vohlok in the Sot Mountains.
  • Gramlot, the capitol of the Jerbrod, in the territory east of Vohlok on the cliffs of the Eastern Sot.
  • The Fire Gate, a cave entrance ringed by perpetual flame maintained by Vohlok magic. It is an entrance to the subterranean colonies of the Bogovey below the Sot Mountains, located north of Mount Moromah.
  • The Demongate, a piece of mega-architecture shaped like a horned square gateway, connects the original home of the Oni to a salt flat on the island across a narrow sea from Krah.
  • Shigaraki, the capitol of the ruling Tanuki tribe of Hengeyokai, located in the Yokai forest along the Lungrath river.