Gramlot is the seat of the Jerbrod Dragovian clan. Located on a bay, it's home to a bustling port and the commercial heart of Dragovian society. The greatest symbol of Gramlot's wealth is Gramlot castle. Located in the center of the city, the castle is a towering aviary built of gleaming limestone. It resembles a medieval skyscraper with small stone runways jutting out the sides where Dragovian traders, clergy, and aristocrats curry favor with the ruling Daimyo. On the top of the castle is a massive stone statue of Ankylo, patron God of the Jerbrod. The more powerful your family in Gramlot, the higher up in the Castle you roost. Around the castle, there are smaller tower-like aviaries inhabited by the lesser aristocrats of the Jerbrod. Each lords' magistrates and serfs live lower down in the aviary. The town center is the perfect symbol of the Jerbod's cutthroat and stratified society.

But go a little further out, and you'll see this is the most open city in Dragovian society. As a trade hub, it hosts whole communities of Hengeyokai who work in the port, farm the land, and staff the workshops. Around the port, the carps pull in ships while the cat-like Bakeneko patrol the docks. Kawauso otter shipwrights build the cargo barges that sail goods down the Jer river to the capital at Mount Moromah. And a vast shantytown of Tanuki surround the city. These wily racoon dogs are the middlemen between Hengeyokai and Dragovian society. They are always sniffing around for coin.

Meta Note: Gramlot is like the medieval New York or Shanghai of this world. It's not the prettiest or most powerful city on the island, but it is the one most bursting with life.