Faloran Faloran

Faloran is a Hengeyokai Kitsune (Fox) Ninja and leader of the Kitsune subclan.


Among his Kitsune family, Faloran was always considered the runt of the litter. Used to being bullied and forced to be a loner, Faloran had to rely on his intelligence to get by. This made him his parents' favorite and fostered resentment among his siblings.

At around age 2, he was left alone in the forest by his conniving siblings as revenge. The joke turned into a nightmare when his family couldn't find him. But Faloran learned how to survive on his own, growing in strength, invisibility, and stealth. He also became a master thief and an expert killer, rising through the ranks as a Dragovian mercenary.

He never returned to his family and took the name Faloran—which literally means "fox" in ancient Norse. No one knows his real name. When the humans land and the Dragovian clans abandon Princess Briila, she will call on Faloran, her best mercenary, to fight beside her. And he will fight as long as she can pay.