Land Fae Sea Fae

They are the first inhabitants of the Lung Islands, the descendants of humans who came to the Islands thousand of years ago and spirits of Nature. Slender and short with delicate features, they are beautiful magical beings. Their human ancestry and great beauty makes them an attractive race for Humans. They live in families or clans, and answer to a Lord: the Lord of the Forest and the Lord of the Rivers. These Lords are pure magical beings. They also cohabit with the Hengeyokai and speak the same language, Wyspan, or language of the Forest. They have special powers related to natural forces or events: for instance, they can communicate with animals and each other using Passed Vision, or use the five elements to cast spells.

Fae Minion


  • The land Fae have green, yellow and brown skin tones. They live in the forest and in trees. They are vegetarian.
  • The sea Fae have green and blue skin tones. They can breathe under water and live in rivers and in the sea. Some of them have fins, scales and tails when they're in the water. They are pescatarian.