0.8.22-2.0.28 (Monday, March 11th, 2019)

The font in the client has been improved significantly for better visibility. Feedback is encouraged and highly appreciated!

0.8.22-2.0.27 (Thursday, March 7th, 2019)

Bug fixes.

Usability Fixes
  • Dragon’s Fury (and other card revealing effects) now correctly show secrets being revealed, as long as they’re not being played.
  • The side panel showing the list of cards in the Drafting view now correctly shows you the card when you hover over a row.
  • The Sands of Time permanents and other cards whose description changes on the battlefield now correctly have their descriptions update.
  • Summon targeting no longer shows pink rectangles.
Balance Changes
  • Articus Dragon Giant no longer has Taunt, is now 8/8 and is Legendary.
Content Fixes
  • Flesh Monstronsity now correctly adds its own stats and the added text appears in its description.
  • Heavy Duty Dragoon now only gives 1 more attack if the hero power normally gives attack, and it now correctly interacts with Meditation.
  • Lady Delilah now correctly gains +1/+1 for each lifesteal card played. However, its aura does not update in hand (will be addressed at a later date).
  • Roll now correctly keeps more enchantments when it returns the target to hand.
  • Fantastic Feast now correctly puts two Hangovers on the top of your deck.
  • Boss Harambo now correctly puts the remaining bananas on the bottom of your deck instead of just one.
  • Acolyte of Peroth’arn has a fixed spelling error.
  • Twilight Annihilator now correctly deals 8 damage.

0.8.21-2.0.26 (Wednesday, February 13th, 2019)

You can now invite friends to play in one versus one challenges.

Also includes bug fixes.

Content Additions
  • New cards in the Occultist class (thanks @Muhframos).
Content Fixes
  • Anzu no longer incorrectly cancels all spells, only spells with chosen minion targets.
  • Sea Witch’s hero power now correctly shuffles Ocean Depths instead of the target into your deck.
  • Eye Beam now correctly stops casting when a deathrattle summons a minion.
  • Captain Cookie now works correctly.
  • Black Ox Brew now correctly lasts until the start of the player’s next turn.
  • Polycephalos now reads, “Rush. Battlecry: Gain +1 Attack for each enemy minion.”
  • The flavor of many Baron cards has been adapted for Spellsource (thanks @Pircival)
  • Various balance changes to Occultist cards.
  • The flavor of many Vermancer cards have been adapted for Spellsource (thanks @Phyley).

0.8.20-2.0.26 (Monday, February 4th, 2019)

Thanks to a great contribution from @doombubbles, introducing the Demon Hunter hero class!

Thanks to a great contribution from @Muhframos, additional Occultist cards have been added.

Thanks to a great contribution from @Pircival, additional Baron cards in the Verdant Dreams expansion have been added.

Usability Fixes
  • The bot will perform better overall. It should find lethal by using a combination of direct damage spells, physical attacks and weapons. It may miss lethal in situations that depend on removing an opponent’s taunt minions, healing on physical attack or damage triggers (like minions with both taunt and lifesteal) that give the opponent’s hero health, direct damage battlecries or other advanced effects.
Content Fixes
  • Witch Doctor is now known as Senzaku.
  • Doomerang now correctly deals lifesteal and poisonous damage.
  • Attacking uses up an attack before text like “whenever this minion attacks” is put into play.
  • Felomelorn now correctly casts Flamestrikes.
  • Ner’Zhul now has a working hero power.
  • Atomedic Androne now correctly buffs the target owner’s hero with armor.
  • Parting Gift in Verdant Dreams can now correctly be added to decks.
  • Deepwood Barghest now correctly adds two secrets to the hand. They will not necessarily be distinct.
  • Ironforge Portal now correctly buffs the hero.
  • Finley the Explorer, Sunlance, Mealcatcher, Dancing Rune Weapon, Desert Maiden, The Maelstormm and Captain Cookie have been temporarily removed from the game.
Content Additions
  • The Demon Hunter prototype.
  • New Occultist cards.
  • Senzaku the Puppeteer, a Witch Doctor hero card.
  • New Baron cards in the Verdant Dreams expansion.

0.8.19-2.0.25 (Friday, February 1st, 2019)

Thanks to a great contribution from @Rumu, introducing many new cards in the Verdant Dreams set!

Content Fixes
  • Treeleach now correctly contains Lifesteal in its description.
  • Devastate now works.
Content Additions
  • New cards in the Verdant Dreams set.

0.8.18-2.0.25 (Thursday, January 31st, 2019)

Thanks to a great contribution from @Logovaz, introducing new Witch Doctor cards!

Also, please check out the new lore draft at http://wiki.hiddenswitch.com.

Content Fixes
  • Bladesworn is now a 3 mana 4/2 that gains +1 Health whenever you cast a spell on it.
  • Ritual Dagger now reads, “Battlecry: Add a random Voodoo spell to your hand.”
  • Split Personality can now only target friendly minions.
  • Fading Berserker has fixed text description.
Content Additions
  • New Witch Doctor cards!

0.8.17-2.0.25 (Saturday, January 26th, 2019)

Milling is now roasting, coherent with the design of Chef.

Content Fixes:
  • Opal Spellstone now correctly upgrades to Greater Opal Spellstone.

0.8.16-2.0.24 (Friday, January 25th, 2019)

The bot now has decks to play with (hot fix for quick play).

0.8.15-2.0.24 (Friday, January 25th, 2019)

Important usability fixes for the WebGL build.

Usability Fixes:
  • Matchmaking now works correctly when the applications do not have focus, in all builds. This was a regression.
  • Draft retire button now enabled at the right times.
  • Copying and pasting deck lists are supported, in a primitive way, in the WebGL build.
  • Battlecry power history entries have the correct text now.
  • Hovering over cards in the card side panel while browsing your collection will correctly show the card.
  • Bots now play a rotation of custom cards decks.
  • In your Quick Play view, you can turn off standard decks by hitting the Stack of Books icon toggle.
  • In the future, standard decks will be updated as more are added to the collection.
Content Fixes:
  • Bone Whelp now correctly only returns itself to hand when there are other dragons under your control.
  • Boss Harambo now correctly adds Bananas, instead of Coins, to your hand.
  • Roasting cards now appears in the power history.
  • Playing Play Dead on Spawn of N’Zoth now correctly buffs it.

0.8.14-2.0.23 (Tuesday, January 22nd, 2019)

Bug fixes and draft improvements.

Usability Fixes:
  • Draft mode now allows you to retire at any time, choose any hero, and only serves community cards.
Content Additions:
  • The Dragoon cards Runt Leader and Cult Reverend.
Content Fixes:
  • Wither now hits shields, like Divine Shield and Deflect. If Wither is blocked by the shield, the Wither effect does not occur and the shield is lost. When Wither hits a Deflect, the hero takes damage equal to the Wither amount instead.
  • Night Knight and Underworld Keeper are now correctly Baron cards.
  • Kahl of the Deep and Cult Promoter are not correctly Occultist cards.
  • Acherus Deathgate now correctly draws a card from your deck.
  • Lich’s Phylactery is now called Phylactery and costs 4.
  • Poison Cloud no longer crashes the game.
  • The Rafaam Staff Pieces have better names now.

0.8.13-2.0.22 (Sunday, January 20th, 2019)

Thanks to a contribution from @Pircival, @Walrus, @Logovaz and @Muhframos, introducing a Spellsource Basic set.

Thanks to a contribution from @Muhframos, introducing the Occultist class.

And thanks to a contribution from @Rumu11, we have more Verdant Dreams cards.

Use the Spellsource format to use the new basic set and only custom classes and cards.

Additional bug fixes.

Content Additions:
  • Additional Verdant Dreams expansion cards.
  • A Spellsource Basic set, with 55 neutral minions.
  • The new Occultist class, with 67 cards and tokens.
  • The Basic Spellsource set.
Content Fixes:
  • Teamwork now costs 7 mana.
  • Elementium Shell now costs 3 mana, does not draw, and only buffs health.
  • Maexnna’s Femur now costs 8 mana and has 2 durability.
  • Swarm Shield now costs 2 mana and gives a multiplier of 3 armor.
  • Breath of Fire now reads, “Deal $1 damage to all enemy minions. Then deal $[] damage to the enemy hero. (Increases for each enemy minion),” which means all its damage effects gain spell power.
  • Wild Pyromancer, Flamewaker and other spell casted triggering effects no longer trigger off Scroll of Wonders, Tess Greymane or other force casts that reuse cards from the graveyard.
  • Immortal Prelate is now available for play.
  • Magic Keg now correctly puts Chef spells into your hand.
  • The Sands of Time Rifts (permanents) now show the number of turns left until they are removed. Their rules are simplified.
  • Sherazin, Seed now shows the number of additional cards you need to play to revive it.
  • Gobble is now 2 Mana and reads “Destroy the lowest Attack enemy minion on the battlefield.”
  • Rheastrasza is now 10 Mana.
  • Blade of Eventide now reads “Deathrattle: If your deck has only even-Cost cards, destroy the lowest Attack enemy minion.”
  • Molten Whelp is now replaced with Vermillion Glider.

0.8.12-2.0.22 (Saturday, January 19th, 2019)

Bug fixes and Verdant Dreams.

Content Additions:
  • @Rumu’s Verdant Dreams expansion.
  • The Paladin card Echo! Echo! Echo!.
Content Fixes:
  • Skulking Geist now only destroys cost 1 spells instead of cost 1 cards.
  • Dueling effects like Mass Hysteria and Duelmaster Fizzle no longer consume attacks. This includes situations where an attack may trigger a secret that prevents the attack from finishing.
  • Tainted Raven now interacts with silence correctly.
  • Vanal Petkiper now creates 1 buff when targeting Nightmare Amalgam instead of 7.
  • Sideline Coach now buffs before the minion attacks.
  • Nebulous Entity now deals 2 damage instead of giving a -2 HP buff.
  • Grandmother Vratta now has 7 HP (was 10).
  • Distort’s attack buff is no longer affected by spell damage.
  • Spirit of the Dragonhawk now interacts with Ice Walker correctly.
  • Chi-Ji now restores a flat 3 Health when triggered.
  • Yu’lon is now a 8/6 and only summons two statues.
  • Xuen now only has Charge and Deflect.
  • Soothing Mists now heals 3 (was 5).
  • Assimilator and Broodmother Narvina both in play no longer causes an infinite loop.

0.8.11-2.0.22 (Friday, January 11th, 2019)

Bug fixes.

Content Fixes:
  • Wither no longer affects Heroes.
  • Primordial Supremacy now buffs Titans, Xenodrones OR Wither minions, rather than Titans and Xenodrones WITH Wither.
  • Cards that rely on player statistics like number of minions summoned (Castle Giant, Thing From Below) now correctly show their costs to the client.
  • Cards that receive HP hand buffs now correctly show their HP in the client. For example, casting Roll on a minion should now show the correct stats in the client.
  • Distort now reads “Give a minion +3 Attack. Deal 3 damage to it. (Improved by Spell Damage).”
  • Card cost modifiers are no longer duplicated twice when gained via a minion transform-copy effect. (Fixes interactions between Faceless Manipulator, Prince Taldaram and cards like Radiant Elemental).
  • Otherworlder’s Vicious Progeny upgraded hero power now correctly summons a 0/2 Xenodrone.
  • Mind Harvester only draws cards at the end of its owner’s turn.
  • Berserk now causes the targeted minion to attack all others.

0.8.10-2.0.22 (Wednesday, January 9th, 2019)

Thanks to a contribution from @Samswize, we have new Lich cards!

Thanks to a contribution from @DeepKhaos (@Dipsy), we have new Blood Knight Cards!

Additionally, the client has been upgraded for better performance.

Content Additions:
  • The new Lich cards Lord Marrowgar, Scrap Scavenger, Blood Boil, Chains of Ice, Path Frost, and Ebonchill.
  • The new Blood Knight cards Scarlet Thirst, Veindrake, Smoldering Husk, Assimilator, Goblin Harpooner, The Blood Engine, Blood to Iron, Siphoning Strike, Sweet Sustenance, and Voltsaber.
Content Fixes:
  • Rendering Curse no longer gives minions marked for death its deathrattle.
  • Blood Moon Rising and Scarlet Thirst in play with an empty deck no longer interact to cause an infinite loop due to fatigue.
  • The Blood Knight hero powers now summon a Xenodrone after the buff.
  • Rotten Curse no longer gives Immune to your hero.
  • Overdrive now only affects friendly minions.
  • Heartpiercer now only drains from minions it hit.