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0.8.53-2.0.38 (October 25th, 2019)

Bug fixes, balance changes and massive content additions.

Please note that the client is currently in maintenance mode while the new build is being developed!

Content Additions:
  • Vohkrovanis, “Start of Game: Replace your deck with 30 random cards. Discard your hand, and draw that many cards.” (1371)
  • Introducing 4 Archaeologist legendaries: Archivist Krag, Farseer Kethaan, Jerra the Deforger and Thrakul the Armorhulk. (1393)
  • Introducing the Exile class, the Oni-Queen class, and new Witch Doctor cards! (1414)
  • New Storyteller cards. (1394)
  • New Occultist cards. (1398)
  • The Vampire Lord has been reworked. (1413)
  • Bard has been reworked. (1416)
Content Fixes:
  • Imperfect Duplicate now correctly summons a minion based on the target’s stats. (1404)
  • Sneaky Kaeru now returns to the hand when its health is 1. (1401)
  • Bloodmoon Ritual is now in the collection. (1399)
  • Quick Chant is now in the collection. (1400)
  • Secrets that fire missiles are now affected by spellpower. (1402)
  • Stubborn Stegodon is now a Beast. (1415)
  • Champion of Death now correctly destroys minions.
  • Catta the Merciless, Terrain Devourer, Ravenous Lookout, Broodmother Narvina, Sylas Fate’s Hand, Northot Necromaster and Eternal Steed are no longer collectible due to infinite loop interactions.
  • Effects which target friendly cards now also target Skills if the effects did not already.
  • Effects which play cards randomly may now play cards of the same base card randomly. However, during the invocation of a specific card’s random play effect, it will never be able to play itself randomly recursively.
  • One on One no longer causes a crash if it is randomly played in such a way to select an enemy minion when it’s the only minion on the board.
  • Some effects which resurrect or discover destroyed minions now correctly only consider minions in cases that they did not before.
  • Fleeting Firebug no longer interacts with War Trebuchet to cause an infinite loop. Fleeting Firebug now summons at the end of its owner’s turn.
  • Two Commander Gareths on the battlefield no longer cause an infinite loop. It now reads, “At most once.”
  • Storyteller buffs and nerfs. (1394)
  • Unnatural Restoration now restores 4 Health. (1378)
  • Cryptlady Zara is no longer collectible. (1373)
  • Anobii, the Trapper is now known as Crypto, the Trapper. (1373)
  • Locust Swarm now costs 8. (1373)
  • Tiger Ant now costs 11. (1373)
  • Harden now gives +4 Health instead of +4/+4 and costs 4. (1373)
  • Reclamation now reads, “Gain 0 Armor. (Increases for each Beast in your graveyard)” (1373)
  • The Prophet now reads, “Opener: Discover and summon two minions that died this game.” (1373)
  • Lil Wormy is now a 1/3 Beast. (1373)
  • Nanny now reads, “At the end of your turn, give a random minion in your hand +1/+1.” (1373)
  • Dream of Kingship now reads, “Discover a Beast, a Dragon and a Fae. Summon them all.” (1373)
  • Other changes to Hive Queen descriptions. (1373)
  • Archaeologist has several reworked cards. (1385)
  • Wicked Smite is removed for a new basic minion, “Peeling Zombie.” (1388)
  • Blood Golem is changed to be a 5 mana 4/5 so that it can be played more flexibly. (1388)
  • Large Spiderling is buffed to now deal 4 damage to the friendly champion instead of 5. (1388)
  • Ancient Curse is buffed to cost 3 mana instead of 4 mana,. (1388)
  • Bone Shield now only does 1 damage to a friendly minion. (1388)
  • Some neutrals have been removed. (1403)
  • Some Sands of Time neutrals have been buffed and nerfed. (1403)
  • Archivist Jerrard now looks for a deck in your collection called The Archive. (1403)
  • Rektan, Warrior of the Wild now reads, “Opener: Your champion has +1 Attack for the rest of the game.” (1403)
  • Stonecold Sergeant now has 5 Health. (1407)
  • Stormwind Commander now has 4 Health. (1407)
  • Forces Unite now costs 6. (1407)

0.8.52-2.0.38 (September 20th, 2019)

Thanks to @Logovaz for a great contribution to Witch Doctor.

Bug fixes.

Content Additions:
  • Quick Chant - 1 Lun Basic Spell “Restore a friendly minion to full Health. Give it +3 Health.”
  • Jungle Survivalist - 2/1/2 Common Minion “Opener: Discover a spell.”
  • Cemetary Party - 4 Lun Rare Spell “Resurrect a friendly Aftermath minion. Add a copy of it to your hand.”
  • Story Collector - 3/1/5 Epic Minion “Opener: If you cast a spell this turn, add two random Witch Doctor spells to your hand.”
Content Fixes:
  • Lifedrain now does not apply if the source shares an owner with the target, the source is a spell, and the target is a hero. In other words, “Take X damage” effects no longer are influenced by Lifedrain.
  • Auto-Cannibalism can now be cast with less than 16 health. (1383)
  • Vermancer is now called Hive Queen (1397)
  • Tournament Trial can now target any minion. (1392)
  • Mollusk Meister now reads, “Opener: Give a friendly minion +8 Health. Gain Armor equal to its Health.” (1391)
  • Death’s Messenger is no longer collectible. (1390)
  • The Mercenary champion and class are no longer collectible. (1389)
  • Ushibasu is now a 7/4/7 from 7/5/8.
  • Split Personality, Devilry Flare, and Sliver of Silver all now cost 3 Lun from 2 Lun.
  • Shanga’s Spirit Brew now costs 3 Lun from 4 Lun.
  • Chant Leader and Hexcrazed Vessel both now cost 5 Lun from 6 Lun.
  • Titanic Fanatic now costs 7 Lun from 8 Lun.
  • High Shaman Mawliki now costs 9 Lun from 10 Lun.
  • Gaitha the Protector is now a 7/4/8 from 7/4/6.
  • Entranced Dancer is now a 3/4/3 from 3/4/2.
  • Bloodseeker is now a 2/2/3 from 2/2/2.
  • Ritual Shaman is now “Opener: Play a Secret from your deck.” from “Opener: If you played a spell this turn, play a Secret from your deck.”
  • Legendary hero card Puppeteer Senzaku and Basic minion Spiritcaller have been removed.
  • Ptero Max has fixed text “Your Beasts gain an extra attack after attacking and killing minions.” from “Your Beasts can attack again after they attack and kill a minion.” No change in interaction.

0.8.51-2.0.38 (September 2nd, 2019)

Tribes are now visible on cards again. (1358)

0.8.51-2.0.37 (September 1st, 2019)

Content additions and bug fixes.

Thanks @Bromora for the contribution to Wraith!

Usability Fixes:
  • Deleting a deck no longer glitches out the client on non-Windows platforms. (1372)
  • Legibility of buffs has been improved, showing a darkened rectangle when a buff is applied. Buffs will be visualized differently in the new client. (1367)
Content Additions:
  • Wraith Verdant Dreams cards. Thanks @Bromora!
Content Fixes:
  • Some Fae cards have been renamed. (1362)
  • Wither now reads: “Wither (X): Whenever this hits a minion, its attack is reduced by X next time it could attack.”
  • Changing skills with skills, like Ghanathoa’s effects, no longer cause a draw. (1370)
  • Bioweaponize now works on minions that have not previously had a Wither effect. (1369)
  • Witherdrake’s Opener now correctly applies Wither. (1368)
  • A variety of other incorrectly themed cards have been renamed and their descriptions updated. (1361)
  • Defensive Position’s description is no longer missing a space. (1360)
  • Mandron now correctly specifies Skill. (1359)
  • Servant Wasp and Dark Order Knight are no longer collectible since their mechanic is deprecated. (1361)
  • Wicked Smite now deals 4 damage to both champions.
  • Recipe for Power now only gives an armor bonus. (1355)
  • Treasure Trove now counts the owner’s cards correctly.
  • Terrain Devourer no longer interacts with Undying Tentacles in a way that causes a crash.
  • Plague of Flesh and other negative-HP buffs now reduce the health of wounded minions. The behaviour for aura-based buffs has not changed. (1354)
  • Spells that are not castable when the board is full, like many summoning spells, no longer incorrectly count permanents (regression).
  • Shuffling Unearthed Horrors while Xitalu is in play will now correctly shuffle in buffed cards. Additionally, other shuffle trigger effects now have synergy with Xitalu in the expected way. (1338)
  • Jae’kilden now references itself in its description correctly. (1374)

0.8.50-2.0.36 (August 21st, 2019)

Quality of life improvements for the client.

Usability Fixes:
  • It should be easier to drag your own hero for a physical attack. Be careful not to cast a spell on yourself!
  • Memory usage should be lower on web.
  • Deck lists now show the card counts again. (1352)
  • Popups are less jarring and more legible.
  • Text is more legible.
  • The appearance of lun, attack and health values is more consistent.

0.8.50-2.0.35 (August 20th, 2019)

Bug fixes and new cards.

Content Additions:
  • New cards for Otherworlder (thanks @AnterogradeNil!)
Content Fixes:
  • Flamerunner now reads “At the end of your turn, if you restored Health this turn, summon a 2/2 Elemental.” (1323)
  • The Glutton now correctly eats enemy minions. (1351)
  • Effects which count minions no longer count permanents.
  • Conditions that change when evaluated from a different player’s point of view work more reliably.
  • Conditions that count the number of cards in your hand, graveyard or battlefield work more reliably.
  • Bloodshard Elemental no longer has Guard. (1349)
  • Plague of Flesh no longer gives 0-Attack minions 1 Attack. (1348)
  • Broodmother Narvina no longer interacts with Terrain Devourer to cause an infinite loop when the board is full.
  • Pacts no longer appear as playable in the hand when a pact of the same source card is already in play. (1347)
  • Lord Henryk now deals 10 damage, costs (10) and is an 8/8. (1345)

0.8.49-2.0.35 (August 19th, 2019)

Bug fixes and networked performance improvements.

Known Issues:
  • The client will not always render damage values above the cards. It sometimes renders them behind.
Usability Fixes:
  • The server sends significantly less redundant data to the client.
  • The client no longer shows cost zero and a missing card type for every card in a deck (regression).
Content Fixes:
  • Curse of Aim no longer causes a game crash.
  • Eternal Steed and Rending Curse no longer interact to cause a crash.

0.8.48-2.0.35 (August 17th, 2019)

Introducing the Wraith class! Big thanks to @Bromara for the contribution.

The Spellsource community would also like to show its immense gratitude to Sam (Fermata) and @lilumani for their wonderful contributions to code, art and other important creative tasks.

Bug fixes. New Otherworlder cards thanks to @AnterogradeNil!

Content Additions:
  • Many Otherworlder cards have been added to the game thanks to @AnterogradeNil!
Content Fixes:
  • Iron Preserver, Paleontologist, Dig Up Shovel, Excalibur, Rustblade, Sentry Orb and Translife Mirror now appear in the collection. (1319)
  • The Wraith haunting its way into Spellsource thanks to @Bromara! (1313)
  • Bloody Blow now properly marked under “BASIC” and “CUSTOM” sets. (1322)
  • Bromediad Pup now correctly renamed to Bromeliad Pup. (1325)
  • Garbasu Monster now reads, “After this minion survives damage, gain +1/+1.”
  • Catta the Merciless and Garbasu Monster no longer interact to cause an infinite loop when Garbasu faces off a 1-attack immune minion.
  • Replacing weapons no longer sometimes keeps their enchantments, like Decay, in play.
  • Fixed a bug where Hired Gunsmith was no longer visible in the collection. (1328)
  • Excalibur no longer loses durability from Decay if Rejan, Last Defender is alive. (1332)
  • Decayed minions from Master Eroder now properly decay at the end of the owner’s turn rather than the end of Master Eroder’s owner’s turn. (1333)
  • A number of cards that trigger off of shuffling effects, such as Xitalu, now properly work. (1334)
  • Sot Mountain Excavation no longer deals damage to the player champion and instead just removes the armor.
  • Bloody Reconstruction now appears in the Collection again. (1342)

0.8.47-2.0.35 (August 5th, 2019)

Welcome to the Soulseeker class with a big thanks to @birb for the contribution!

Also, Archaeologist is digging is way into the game, thanks to @Pircival!

Content Additions:
  • Archaeologist class added with Basic/Core cards. (1263)
  • New Soulseeker class courtesy of @birb and a new spooky keyword Soulbind: Summon one of four 0/1 Spirits with special aftermaths.
Content Fixes:
  • The Occultist card Seeker of Knowledge has been removed from the game.
  • Flaxen Whelp now reads “Opener: If there are at least 3 minions on the board, draw a card.” (1263)

0.8.46-2.0.35 (August 1st, 2019)

Hotfix for an issue related to closing games introduced with metrics we do not use.

0.8.45-2.0.35 (August 1st, 2019)

Bug fixes.

New Monk cards thanks to @Grand! (1290)

Content Fixes:
  • Many cards that before referenced Mana now refer to Lun instead. (1306)
  • Berry Hoarder now correctly draws all copies of 0-cost cards in the owner’s decks instead of just one copy of each. (1307)
  • Blessed Koi Statue is no longer an Elemental. (1290)
  • Fiery Kitsune Punch renamed to Lunging Jab. (1290)
  • Fortifying Prayer renamed to Inner Peace. (1290)
  • Enchanted Tapestry cost increased from 2 to 3 and is no longer an Elemental. (1290)
  • Mark of Despair renamed to Touch of Sorrow. (1290)
  • White Tiger Statue renamed to Imbuing Fountain and health decreased from 4 to 3. (1290)
  • Disciple of Shitakiri health lowered from 7 to 6. (1290)
  • Remaining previous Verdant Dreams Monk cards have been removed. (1290)
  • Booty Bay Backup now reads “Opener: Give your other Pirates +1 Attack.” (1284)
  • Malicious Magpie changed from a 1-mana 1/1 to a 2-mana 1/2. (1284)
  • Description for Soulcaller Roten now dynamically updates. (1276)
  • Dragon Caretaker now correctly can only target friendly Dragons. (1278)
  • Musician Skill now reads “Give a minion +2 health.” (1275)
  • Defenders with zero attack, Catta the Merciless, and Holdover Lich no longer interact to cause an infinite recursion.
  • Stealing a Formless Rancour no longer causes a crash.
  • If you create a Deep Borer from a Chimera, it will harmlessly shuffle itself inside your deck.
Other Fixes:
  • Accepting friend invites works again. (1303)

0.8.44-2.0.35 (July 31st, 2019)

Spellpower in the hand no longer causes game-crashing issues.

0.8.43-2.0.35 (July 31st, 2019)

Disconnects and other forms of game interruption do not cause unusual effects in game (a regression since 0.8.41).

Additional bug fixes.

Content Fixes:
  • The neutral and test champions no longer appear in the draft.
  • Birdbrain is now a Witchdoctor card.
  • Distortoise now correctly does 3 damage to the owner instead of 2. (1294)
  • Prized Boar Aftermath now properly reflects the printed effect. (1293)
  • Monolith of Doom now does not update its description while on the board and now properly reflects its effect. (1291)

0.8.42-2.0.35 (July 30th, 2019)

Hotfix decks missing hero classes.

0.8.41-2.0.35 (July 29th, 2019)

Non-Spellsource content is removed from the game.

New Storyteller cards thanks to @Skurleton!

The bot will now play more new decks in its rotation.

Many other bug fixes.

Content Additions:
  • New Storyteller cards. (1237)
Content Fixes:
  • Non-Spellsource content has been migrated to a “Do Nothing” card. (1180, 1285)
  • All Monk cards, except for Core and Basic ones, are no longer collectible in order to begin rebuilding the class from the ground up. (1238)
  • Minion Cadenza is now properly a Musician card instead of a Neutral card. (1234)
  • Strengthen Core (Honed Potion) now gives a minion deflect, draws a card and costs (2). (1245)
  • Enchanted Springs (Springs of Ebisu) now costs (0). (1245)
  • Fassnu Avenger no longer gains every deathrattle twice. (1248)
  • Trigger Happy Rebel changed from a 2/4 to a 2/3. (1251)
  • Dustbowl Vigilante changed from a 3/6 to a 3/4. (1251)
  • Outlaw’s skill now deals 1 targeted damage. The upgraded skill deals 2 targeted damage. (1251)
  • Warden Saihan’s ability no longer triggers off of itself taking damage. (1250)
  • Dramatic Entrance now processed before a minion’s Opener instead of after. (1252)
  • Plucky Pilgrim changed from a 1/2 to a 2/1. (1260)
  • Terrified Tanooki renamed to Terrified Tanuki. (1261)
  • Some Baron cards have had their rarities changed. (1257)
  • Darkshard Duelist is now a 7/7, up from 5/5. (1257)
  • Might Mufunga now costs (9), up from (8). (1257)
  • Guild Guard now costs (5), up from (4). (1257)
  • Miserable Conclusion now correctly destroys all minions except the opponent’s highest attack minion.
  • Hooded Ritualist now reads “After you cast a spell, summon a 2/1 Demon right before the end of your turn.” (1264)
  • The Omega Rune now correctly no longer gives lifesteal on spell casts to both players. (1265)
  • Matriarch Aiiran no longer dynamically updates its damage number while on board. (1249)
  • Manly Mountaineer now properly has Dash. (1233)
  • Tome of Secrets now works properly. (1233)
  • Dramatic Playwright now only changes the attack of one enemy minion. (1233)

0.8.40-2.0.35 (July 16th, 2019)

Bug fixes for network lag.

0.8.39-2.0.34 (July 15th, 2019)

Some forms of network lag should be addressed in this update, because the server and client now exchange as little as 20% of the data they did previously.

0.8.38-2.0.33 (July 14th, 2019)

Hot fixing the removal of the bot decklists that contain old cards.

0.8.37-2.0.33 (July 14th, 2019)

New content and bug fixes!

Content Additions:
  • Introducing Storyteller’s Basic and Classic cards, with a big thanks to @Skurleton! (1221)
  • Introducing Musician, with a big thanks to @Samswize! (1210, 1218)
  • Introducing Outlaw, with a big thanks to @JDude60! His keyword, Quick Draw, means: Whenever a card is drawn…
Content Fixes:
  • Roll and Immortal Prelate no longer crash shuffling minions that have gained Auras into the hand or deck. (1124)
  • Rafaam, Archivist can now discover cards from other classes that are in ‘The Supreme Archive’. (1225)
  • Warden Saihan now correctly labeled as a Monk Legendary. (1227)
  • Effects which remove minions from the board no longer cause crashes when other summon triggers attempt to remove those minions.
  • Catta the Merciless no longer causes an infinite loop with minions that deal zero damage.
  • Spike, Pet Whelp’s ability now triggers if the owner’s deck only contains dragons instead of whether it contains exactly 30 dragons. (1220)
  • Icecream Lich and the Technician are now removed from your collections.

0.8.36-2.0.32 (July 6th, 2019)

Bug fixes and new Verdant Dreams cards.

For Python users, the build is now compatible with Java 11.

Content Additions:
  • Thanks to another contribution from @Grand, more Verdant Dreams cards have been introduced! (1099)
Context Fixes:
  • Thanks to contributions from @Grand, Monk has been updated. (1219)
  • When you have a Lifesteal weapon equipped and get dealt fatigue damage, your champion no longer restores health.
  • Teaching a card a return-to-hand spell and playing that card twice no longer causes a crash. Other cards with card creation effects no longer have unusual side effects related to returning minions to hand.
  • Corrupted Blood, Hallazeal the Ascended and Soup Vendor now correctly kill you without causing an infinite loop.
  • Beetle Bash is no longer targeted and now properly gives 4 armor instead of 5. (1212)
  • Thitazov now no longer buffs minions that have died. (1027)
  • Shigaraki Elder now correctly labeled as a common card. (1211)
  • Silverbone Claw now buffs a dragon in hand even if it is the only dragon in the player’s hand. (1208)
  • Living Mana no longer puts you into negative mana. (1026)
  • Mollusk Meister now has the correct effects. (1115)

0.8.35-2.0.31 (July 1st, 2019)

Fixing issues with cards not being found or detected after their IDs were changed.

Spike, Pet Whelp’s ability now triggers if the owner’s deck only contains dragons instead of whether it contains exactly 30 dragons. (1220)

Basic Rules

This is a summary of the basic rules of Spellsource.


Players combat each other using cards in a one-versus-one matchup until one of the player’s champions is destroyed.

Each player starts the match by choosing which cards to discard from their initial hand (the Mulligan). Then, one of the two players takes his first turn, while the other receives a bonus Mana card called the coin.

At the start of each turn, players gain 1 mana, up to 10. This mana is spent playing cards.

Some cards can put minions on the board. Minions have an attack value (the lower left number) and a health (the lower right number). At the start of the next turn, minions can attack opposing minions or the opposing hero, dealing and taking damage. Minions whose health goes below zero are destroyed.

Some minions and spells accept targets when they are played. For a minion, this is typically part of an “Opener,” or action played from the hand.

Text comes “into play” as soon as both players see it. This is typically on the battlefield, or the two rows (yours and your opponent’s) of minions, the champions, the weapons they have equipped, and the Skill.

The weapon is a bonus item that grants your champion the ability to attack.

The Skill is a spell that is playable once per turn specific to your champion.


  • Aftermath: Occurs whenever a minion dies (horribly) on the battlefield.
  • Armor: Instead of losing health, lose this instead.
  • Blitz: This can attack enemies even if it is exhausted.
  • Champion: Your player character. When this dies, you lose the game.
  • Dash: This can attack enemy minions even if it is exhausted.
  • Deflect: The first time this minion takes damage, deal it to its Champion instead.
  • Decay: At the end of your turn, this loses 1 health or durability.
  • Dodge: The first time this minion takes damage, it takes zero instead.
  • Drain (X): Deals this much damage to the target, then gain that much health.
  • Elusive: Cannot be targeted by spells or skills.
  • Enchantment: Occurs as long as the target this is attached to is in play.
  • Exhausted: During the turn it comes into play or changes sides, this minion is exhausted and cannot attack this turn. It loses exhaustion at the start of next turn.
  • Extra Strike: A character can attack twice.
  • Guard: This must be destroyed before minions can attack its champion.
  • Hidden: This minion cannot be targeted by enemies until it deals damage.
  • Litedrain: Restores health for each damage dealt.
  • Opener: Occurs whenever the card is played from the hand.
  • Quad Strike: A character can attack four times.
  • Quick Draw: This happens whenever a card is drawn.
  • Reservoir (X): Occurs when your deck is larger than this amount.
  • Roast: Remove a card from the top of your deck.
  • Sacrifice: Occurs whenever a friendly minion dies.
  • Silence: The text on this card and any enchantments added later are no longer in play.
  • Skill: A spell your Champion can play every turn.
  • Spellpower (X): Your Spells deal this much more damage.
  • Stunned: A character that cannot attack this turn and the next.
  • Supremacy: Occurs whenever this minion attacks and kills another.
  • Surge: Occurs when a card is played from the hand on the same turn it was added to the hand.
  • Toxic: This kills minions it damages.
  • Wither (X): Whenever this hits a minion, its attack is reduced by X next time it could attack.