0.8.24-2.0.29 (Wednesday, April 17th, 2019)

Bug fixes. Additionally, new Witch Doctor decks are in the bot rotation.

Make sure to visit playspellsource.com for a full history of changes if you’d like to know more since you’ve last joined us!

Content Fixes:
  • Omega Dragon is now a dragon.
  • Lush Restoration now shows the correct amount of health that needs to be restored.
  • Raid Boss Gnaxx now correctly says +2 attack buffs.
  • Hexlord Zixxis now works.
  • Mutamite Terror now discards your rightmost card.

0.8.23-2.0.29 (Tuesday, April 16th, 2019)

Bug fixes.

Content Fixes:
  • Choose and reshuffle effects shuffle in the original card, rather than a copy, as intended.
  • Mind Controlled Mech now correctly cannot attack.
  • Spiritual Diffusion now correctly destroys three random enemy minions and replaces them with 2/2 Spirits.
  • Thelia Silentdreamer now correctly causes spells to be cast twice on her.
  • Doby Mick’s effect is now an Opener.
  • Shadow Puppetry now works.
  • Sideline Coach now costs (5).
  • Frostfeather now has 5 health.
  • Noth the Plaguebringer now correctly shuffles in cards.
  • Glaciar Cleaver now costs (7).
  • Frost Wraith is now 3/3.
  • Pond Lord now summons two frogs instead of three as its aftermath.
  • Baleful Totem is now a Shaman card and is 3/3.
  • Rallying Cry now costs (2).
  • Deepwood Barghest now behaves closer to Keleseth with regards to decks containing secrets (as opposed to cost-2 cards).
  • Light of Chi-Ji now sets costs to (1).
  • Sleight of Hand now costs (2).
  • Crimson General is now a cost (2) 2/2.
  • Fire Breath now says “Deal 3 damage to a minion and 2 damage to the enemy champion.”
  • Drakonid Bruiser is now a cost (5) 4/4 with Blitz.
  • Dragon Treasurer is no longer collectible.
  • Rheastrasza now summons a 4/4 Dragon with Blitz.
  • Underminer is now a cost (2) 4/1.
  • Mountain Whelp is now a cost (3) 2/4 with Blitz.
  • Lava Saber now only summons one Whelp.
  • Attempting to mind control Aysa Cloudsinger no longer crashes the game.
Content Additions:
  • Drakonid Commander: Cost (8) 6/6 Dragon, “Opener: Give a character +4 Attack this turn.”

0.8.22-2.0.29 (Thursday, April 11th, 2019)

Thanks to a contribution from @Logovaz, there are new cards for Senzaku!

The following keywords have been consistently applied to Spellsource cards:

  • Champion: Your player character. When this dies, you lose the game.
  • Skill: A spell your Champion can play every turn.
  • Opener: Occurs whenever the card is played from the hand.
  • Aftermath: Occurs whenever a minion dies (horribly) on the battlefield.
  • Hidden: This minion cannot be targeted by enemies until it deals damage.
  • Dodge: The first time this minion takes damage, it takes zero instead.
  • Dash: This can attack enemy minions even if it is exhausted.
  • Blitz: This can attack enemies even if it is exhausted.
  • Spellpower (X): Your Spells deal this much more damage.
  • Toxic: This kills minions it damages.
  • Guard: This must be destroyed before minions can attack its champion.

Now clarifying the following additional keywords:

  • Armor: Instead of losing health, lose this instead.
  • Deflect: The first time this minion takes damage, deal it to its Champion instead.
  • Wither (X): This reduces its target’s health by this amount, and restores the health at the start of the caster’s turn.
  • Enchantment: Occurs as long as the target this is attached to is in play.
  • Exhausted: During the turn it comes into play or changes sides, this minion is exhausted and cannot attack this turn. It loses exhaustion at the start of next turn.
  • Elusive: Cannot be targeted by spells or skills.
  • Drain (X): Deals this much damage to the target, then heals the source by this amount. Any excess is given as extra health instead.
  • Roast: Remove a card from the top of your deck.
  • Reservoir (X): Occurs when your deck is larger than this amount.
  • Sacrifice: Occurs whenever a friendly minion dies.
  • Silence: The text on this card and any enchantments added later are no longer in play.
  • Supremacy: Occurs whenever this minion attacks and kills another.
  • Surge: Occurs when a card is played from the hand on the same turn it was added to the hand.