Class EntityEqualsFilter

All Implemented Interfaces:, HasDesc<EntityFilterDesc>

public class EntityEqualsFilter
extends EntityFilter
Matches an entity if the entity is in the list of entities returned by resolving the EntityFilterArg.SECONDARY_TARGET.

For example, to implement the text, "Choose a minion. It attacks a random friendly minion."

   "spell": {
     "class": "DuelSpell",
     "target": "FRIENDLY_MINIONS",
     "filter": {
       "class": "EntityEqualsFilter",
       "secondaryTarget": "TARGET",
       "invert": true
     "randomTarget": true,
     "secondaryTarget": "TARGET"
Observe that the filter takes a EntityFilterArg.SECONDARY_TARGET of EntityReference.TARGET, i.e., the actual minion chosen. We want to choose a random target that does not include the minion chosen.
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