Class ChooseOneOverrideAura

All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, Cloneable, Comparable<Entity>, HasDesc<AuraDesc>, HasCard, Trigger

public class ChooseOneOverrideAura extends AbstractFriendlyCardAura
Indicates that a choose one card's choices should be overridden by the AuraArg.CHOOSE_ONE_OVERRIDE ChooseOneOverride value whenever the target card is affected by this aura or if this aura's target is the Player entity (EntityReference.FRIENDLY_PLAYER or EntityReference.ENEMY_PLAYER) that owns the card being override.

To make the player's choose one minions have both effects combined:

     "class": "ChooseOneOverrideAura"
     "target": "FRIENDLY_HAND",
     "filter": {
       "class": "CardFilter",
       "cardType": "MINION"
     "chooseOneOverride": "BOTH_COMBINED"
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      public ChooseOneOverrideAura(AuraDesc desc)
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