Class BuffAura

All Implemented Interfaces:, java.lang.Cloneable, java.lang.Comparable<Entity>, HasDesc<AuraDesc>, HasCard, Trigger

public class BuffAura
extends SpellAura
A buff aura applies the specified AuraArg.ATTACK_BONUS and AuraArg.HP_BONUS to the target entities as long as the AuraArg.CONDITION is satisfied.

To support reevaluating the condition at different times, optionally specify an AuraArg.SECONDARY_TRIGGER that fires when the condition ought to change. Otherwise, the condition is evaluated at the same time all other auras are, which is whenever the board changes or a sequence ends. Updating auras when the sequence ends is almost always a sufficient event to react to in order to implement an effect.

The underlying attributes used for this buff are Attribute.AURA_ATTACK_BONUS and Attribute.AURA_HP_BONUS.

For example, to give all damaged Murlocs +3/+3:

     "class": "BuffAura",
     "attackBonus": 1,
     "hpBonus": 1,
     "target": "ALL_MINIONS"
     "filter": {
       "class": "RaceFilter",
       "race": "MURLOC"
     "condition": {
       "class": "DamagedCondition"
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