Entities are the various classes that live inside a match, like a card, hero, minion, and weapon.
See Also:
for the base class of all entities., for the entity that represents a card., for the entity that represents a minion., for the entity that represents a hero., for the entity that represents a weapon., for a complex entity that responds to in-game events.
  • Interface Summary 
    Interface Description
  • Class Summary 
    Class Description
    An actor hosts common functionality between minions, weapons and heroes.
    An in-game entity.
    The location of an entity inside a GameContext.
    EntityZone<E extends Entity>
    EntityZone is an abstract list that enforces that (1) supports gameplay-safe cloning and (2) enforces that an Entity object is only in one zone at any time.
  • Exception Summary 
    Exception Description
    Indicates that an infinite loop occurred trying to follow the link from an entity that was removed from play due to being transformed towards the entity it was eventually transformed into.